List your location on LoCatch for free and save time managing your new bookings.

  • Setting up a listing can take as few as 10 minutes.
  • It is completely free to create a listing and manage bookings.
  • There is only a commission fee on bookings made with us.

Your location can be booked more often

Without having to invest anything

Don't want to spend any money on getting more customers to your location? No worries, LoCatch is here to help! LoCatch allows your location to be booked more often because of the board range of customers we offer. Besides that, at LoCatch we constantly work on improving the platform to help customers book your location more easily and attract them by targeted marketing.

More customers will find you

Because LoCatch has an ever-growing assortment of locations we can attract a broader range of customers to our platform and show your location to all of these customers.

A greater visibility online

We constantly work on improving our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and marketing campaigns to reach more people. Your location will be better found and has greater reachability.

Free promotion on our platform

We want to help locations of all sizes to get bookings through LoCatch, that's why we will not only show your location in search results but also show them as the top location when it is a fit for the customer.

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Manage all your new bookings in one place

Easy, intuitively and hassle free

LoCatch offers you a fully functional dashboard to keep track of all the bookings you receive via LoCatch. The dashboard allows you to check or change a booking whenever you want. When you accept a booking via LoCatch this time slot is also directly blocked for further bookers. Do you need some more information from the booker? No problem, LoCatch gives you an easy to use free chat system to talk with your customers.

Dashboard overview
  • Save time by accepting or declining bookings with one click
  • Reduce chaos with the easy chat function
  • Stay organised with an automatic agenda and time blocking
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Dashboard overview

You have full control of your location listing

Adjust your listing whenever you need to

As a location owner, you are in full control of your listing. You can easily adjust your listing on the LoCatch dashboard. With just a few clicks you can block certain times or days for your location. The dashboard can also be used to keep track of incoming enquiries and messages.

Decide when you want to be booked and when not

You can use the calendar to block certain times or days when you don't want to get booked or already have other bookings.

Easily adjust your location listing in no time

Updating the listing is really easy because of a step by step process. You can even temporarily hide rooms when they are under construction.

Always choose to accept or reject a booking inquiry

As a location owner, you are always in charge of your bookings. You decide whether you want to accept or deny a booking.

Full transparency

A fair and small commission fee

LoCatch requests a small commission fee of 5% to acquire more customers for the platform. The LoCatch team strives to create a platform that is fair for the locations as well as for the customers. The commission fee is solitarily used to grow the platform. This means that the LoCatch team itself is not getting paid but everything goes to marketing campaigns.

No hidden costs or additional fees

LoCatch is fully transparent in the charged fee per booking from its locations. The amount is limited to the charged commission percentage of 5%.

Commission on new bookings you gain with us

LoCatch only charges a commission on bookings received through LoCatch. If you decide to manage your other bookings in the LoCatch dashboard as well, we will not charge you for those.


Creating your listing is easier then you may think

It can take as few as 10 minutes.

You can easily create a listing with the use of our predefined step by step plan. In most cases, this process shouldn't even take more than 10 minutes.

We are here to help.

The LoCatch team is always available to help you with creating the listing for your location. Feel free to send us an email, we will try to respond within a day and are also available to help you by phone.

Booking management

An easy and intuitive way of managing your inquiries


Full transparency. What do we charge and why?

Get more bookings. Manage those with ease.

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